Are you a Like button clicker?

Facebook introduced it, and now it seems that everyone the world over has found themselves automatically clicking Like on so many things they see online. (Sorry Google, yes, I know yours says +1, but 'Like' has become the de facto way of telling the world you dig something.)

So in a shameless plug - are you aware that Amazon have the same system on their products? Up near the top of a product page, near the review stars - yes, you guessed it, another Like button. Have you read my books? Why not give them a like!

And for authors we are still trying to work out whether that Like button count can actually assist in exposure for a book? Rumours abound suggesting that the more likes there are, the more likely a book will appear on an Amazon newsletter or perhaps even (joy of joys) the Kindle homepage. I don't know whether any of that is true or not, but its an interesting thought.

So for an author - there are three things they  crave when they have a book on Amazon.

1. Likes - a like of the page as above.

2. Tags - tags appear a little further down the product page (either above or below reviews depending on the site) and represent words or snippets that relate to the book. For example, an obvious tag for my books would be be 'ukulele'. Tag the book ukulele and it goes into a sub page along with all other books tagged ukulele. That of course helps the Amazon search system become more reliable. I have a range of relevant tags on all my books and would be delighted if you added to them!

3. Reviews - the holy grail - the one thing all authors crave. (In fact some authors crave them so much, as you may have read in recent news, that they have faked them or paid for them... not good form at all.). But if you can get an honest review from a real reader, then that is just a wonderful sight for any author.

You can find Amazon links to all my books on the tabs above, and would be delighted for likes, tags, or even better, reviews! I know what a lovely bunch the ukulele community are so share a little love!

Barry Maz Amazon books - UK

Barry Maz Amazon books - USA


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