Kobo on the rise?

Been noticing something interesting lately. My books, which usually do their best on Amazon have started to slow a little on that format, and sales have suddenly started to rocket on a format that I hadn't really paid much attention to before - Kobo.

Not sure what the reason is, and sure, Kindle still remains by far the most popular ereader, but something is certainly happening with Kobo. Perhaps it's to do with their deal with the American Booksellers Association, or perhaps their New line of ereaders is doing well, but whatever it is, it is certainly boosting popularity of my books. A check this morning saw three of my books in the top 5 chart for music instruction and study, which was a hugely leasing surprise!

So is the ereader battleground shifting slightly? Let me know if you use Kobo in the poll on the left side of this blog!

And my range of books in Kobo format can be found Here (US) and Here (UK)

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