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I sometimes forget that I have a profile up on Goodreads. To be honest with you though, it's not a site I have frequented all that often, and am yet to really understand how it works best.

Are you on there? Feel free to hook up with me, or why not leave a comment here to explain how it works best for you?

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New ukulele players!

Hope you had a great Christmas Day today. The music shops tell me that the ukulele has become one of the biggest selling instruments this year - did you get your first today?

If so, I hope you found this site and it gets you on your way! Up at the top you will find some navigation links to various pages such as the Chord Chart Page (essential!), the beginners tips page for answers to many questions and, (because you want to get playing) a big list of songs with chords, most of which are easy for beginners to play right here.

The uke is a great gift to receive and I sincerely hope you stick with it, join a club, play with others, or just yourself, but most of all, MAKE MUSIC!

I am always here to help!

If you want more information, either email me, or you may like my range of ukulele beginners guides that are available on Amazon. They are not tutor books - there are far better teachers than I, but they are intended to be read alongside them, filling in the blanks that most tutor books miss out. In other words - Got A Ukulele? - Have a read!

The Complete What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know

Chords That Ukulele Players Really Want To Know

Available on Kindle, in paperback, and also on iTunes, Kobo, Nook and in other good booksellers!

Merry Christmas!



A fabulous book review

I just had to share this review that my book The Complete What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know has picked up.

It really warmed my heart and made my day!  When I started blogging and writing my books the sole intention was to help beginners make a quick start - looks like it has done it's job for Glen.

Thank you!

5.0 out of 5 stars The first book and BEST book introducing you to the Ukulele December 22, 2012
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
The best way to explain this book might be to first explain where I'm coming from with regards to the review. I've played guitar for nearly 30 years. I've dabbled with other instruments here and there. I love blues of all kinds...from Heavy Metal Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth (I graduated in's required!). To the classics of Pearl Jam, Floyd, the blues of popular strains such as B.B. King, SRV, the jazz of Grant Green, Pat Martino, Jim Hall, and Ed lesser knowns such as Junior Watson ans Rick Holmstrom. Some Dylan and Ray Lamontagne too. So...that's my musical background in crib-notes form.

At this current day and age the ukulele has made an unprecedented resurgence in popularity. Or if you're around my's first foray into the mainstream. The ukulele has permeated the pop culture and these little things are available in more places than guitars these days. One of the older gentleman I work with kept bringing his in. I played with it. I was hooked. I wanted to buy myself a uke. But dubious of all the current offerings, and knowing many companies like to just make something to sell...vs. make a quality instrument to play, I wanted to do my research before I purchased my first uke.

Not surprisingly, the sudden rush of popularity in ukuleles has produced a glut of mass produced instruments made to satisfy the casual purchaser. These should be avoided. In fact, like guitars, I'd say 50% of what's out there will be built for a quick sale and not for actual playability. with 40% more being made as genuine instruments. And 10% catering to the discerning collector or actual practicing musician. With costs for customs commonly in the thousands.

So with all this information you would think I was ready to buy. Well, all it did was give me more questions! lol

In a long quest for information I stumbled across this book (via the author's blog). I was skeptical that a relatively private publish book, for a 3.99 ebook price tag would have much to offer. I was so very happily wrong.

This book answered ALL of my questions. All those questions that anybody who already plays ukulele knows, and is bored to death answering are answered in candid and happy detail in this book. The author shares that he comes from a guitar background such as myself (and I suspect many, many others). He quickly dispels the myth that a ukulele is a cheap toy (unless you buy the cheap toy version), and in fact a serious instrument. The books explains what to look for and what to avoid in purchasing your first (few) ukes. I won't go into great detail of what the book covers, instead I'll say that it will answer your questions. Even the ones you would feel too basic to ask.

I will say the topics tend to be a little disjointed. I might have grouped the chapters differently. I found myself saying, "yeah, but what if?" and then the book would answer that question in a slightly non linear fashion in a later chapter. But this is a minor problem,

The book reads so easily you would think the author was writing an email to you. Very conversational. Very candid. His passion for the ukulele is transparent and genuine. And this actually enhances how fun and easy the book is to read.

So in conclusion, buy the book if you're new to the ukulele. All of the staples that apply to buying a guitar simply apply to ukuleles (construction, quality hardware and components, setup, etc.) The difference is the companies are all different than guitar. That's right, it's not dominated by Fender, Gibson, or PRS. The book does allude to who the Fenders, Gibsons, and PRSs of the ukulele world are though. Which is great as I was clueless when it came to ukues. I will say that as a guitar player, especially if you're at all good, the transition to ukulele is fairly seamless. What was nice about this book, even if you're familiar with guitar, is the differences betweem the two that you simply won't know unless you read it. Various constructions, different sizes and the pros and cons of each.

All of this for a lousy 3.99. The book would be worth it at 29.99. If you have not bought your first ukulele yet, or if you purchased a cheapie and are looking to upgrade to a real actual instrument, this book is going to save you a LOT of money and time.

Barry, I don't know you but kudos for such a brilliant book. My first uke was a really nice acacia Kala...and I spent some pennies on a nice Pono based strongly on the information in this book.


New Amazon channels

In their bid for Kindle world domination, it would appear that Amazon have launched some new Kindle channels of late.

Good news is that my books are now available on all of them.

So if you are in BRAZILCANADA or JAPAN and have a Kindle, you can now order the books direct!

And of course, they are still available on



The Perfect Stocking Filler this Christmas

Perhaps it is the pre-Christmas rush, but the paperback edition of my omnibus ukulele beginners book, The Complete What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know has been selling like hot cakes this last week!

The Complete What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know

Normally my ebook sales (Kindle etc) outsell paperbacks by quite a margin, but perhaps the ebook honeymoon is over (or perhaps it is easier to slip a paperback into a Christmas Stocking!) as the paperback has now taken the lead.

If you know somebody hooked on the ukulele or are buying one for a loved one, then this might just be the perfect book for the stocking - contains the advice on owning and living with a ukulele that normally takes years to learn. It's not a tutor book, but a book to be read alongside lessons.

Check it out in paperback at , and NobleTower and other good bookstores.



Christmas ukulele book sale!

It's Chrrriiiiiiistmaaaas!

Time for a holiday price cut right across the board on my ukulele beginners books. On Kindle and via Smashwords you can now get my titles for at least 25% off, and in the case of the Complete guide - for over a third off normal price.

And they will stay that way until after Christmas!

AND - the prices of my paperbacks - available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble  as well as other good retailers have also been trimmed for the holiday season!

All good stuff - if you know a friend getting a ukulele - tell them to check the books out - or if you are getting your first yourself, well, you know what to to do!

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Merry Christmas!