Chords That Ukulele Players Really Want To Know

My next one was a tough one to make and a tough decision whether to actually put it out. Chord charts are available all over the place - why put them in a book.  I therefore ran a poll with some of my readers on Got A Ukulele and the response was clear - a fairly priced ebook containing clear ukulele chords that could be read on a Kindle, an iPad or an iPhone was something people would be interested in.

Then the next challenge - getting the chord boxes nice and clear to be readable on an electronic device. Every chord box in the book was drawn up by me individually and I believe they look very good on the Kindle!

Chords That Ukulele Players Really Want To Know


Barry Maz, author of the bestselling ukulele handbook series 'What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know and the website Got A Ukulele returns with this useful kindle title for all uke players.

Chords That Ukulele Players Really Want To Know provides clear diagrams for the most popular ukulele chords in Kindle format that you can carry with you anywhere you go. Playing with friends and don't have your songbook - just check your Kindle to remind yourself of the chord layout you need, or even use your Kindle as a teaching aid.

No theory, just chord charts, and away you go!

The book provides over 300 clear chord boxes covering the following tunings

 - Standard GCEA tuning
- Popular beginner chords for Baritone DGBE tuning
- Left handed versions of both GCEA and DGBE chords

 All in all, a very handy download that is a must for the Kindle owning ukulele beginner.



Chords That Ukulele Players Really Want To Know Createspace (paperback) (Kindle and Paperback)
Barnes and Noble (Paperback and Nook)
Smashwords (various ebook formats)
iTunes (for iPad and iPhone)
Kobo Reader
Sony Reader


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