Other Authors of Note

A Work In Progress!

On this page I will look to include links to other author blogs from people I have met since I started writing!  These people have either helped me, made me laugh, or just provided great support (and great books) and I would urge you to take a look!

Malika Gandhi - Author of Freedom Of The Monsoon - Life can be ordinary, it is up to you to make it extraordinary - a blog for authors and readers to connect. Let's make this experience amazing!
Malika Gandhi

Joey Paul - Bug Books - Author of various titles including Blackout, The Friendship Triangle, and coming soon - Lynne and Hope. Joey also kindly designed the banner for this blog!

Seb Kirby - author of Take No More - Great blog focussing on Sebs books and MUCH more

Prue Batten - Mesmered's Blog - historical fantasy and historical fiction writer whose blog is eclectic and offers an insight into many aspects of my life and the lives of others

Debbie Bennett - Crime writer and author of (amongst others) Hamelin's Child.

Louise Wise  - Wise Words Book Blog - A blog for writers about writers

Simon Palmer - Losing The Hate - I feature other indie books as well as blogging about the complications within families who have suffered abuse.

Ey Wade - In The Chair - Blog about her books, her life plus interviews and and articles on novels and characters.

Ruby Barnes - Author, reader, reviewer, jibber-jabber!

Andy Szpuk - Lines From The Word Lab - Author of Sliding On The Snow Stone (amongst others!)

Pam Howes - Author of the 'Rock and Roll Romance' Series - her blog

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