It's not all Kindle Kindle Kindle you know...

Whilst anyone with a passing interest in the publishing of ebooks will automatically think Kindle, that isn't the only option out there, and my books have had real success on some other formats too.

Take Barnes and Noble for instance and their Nook reader - if you are in the US you can upload to that service directly, and for the rest of us, you can get listed via Smashwords, as I did. It is handy because I have had many emails from people spotting the Kindle version of my books and asking if they can get it for Nook.

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My Barnes and Noble books can be found HERE, and having seen them running on a Nook, they look great.

Another popular ereader is the Kobo, which over here in the UK has been taken on by WH Smith. My first three books are on the Kobo store (fourth one due soon) and delighted to see that they are all top ten in music instruction category, and my Chords book number one in general music reference!  I must also say, that as a Brit, where WH Smith is a high street institution, it was very exciting to see my books available on their site!

My first three books are also available for the very popular (and one of the original ereaders) the Sony Reader - and can be found on the Sony bookstore.

There are others too, including the ever popular iTunes for iPad and iPhone users.

In summary, I think the choice out there is great, and if you are an author with an ebook available on the Kindle store - don't overlook the fact that not everyone Kindles (despite what they tell you...).  Choice is a good thing, and the wider you can distribute your work, the better.

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