36 months published - a thank you!

Well it seems an age since I remember being persuaded by a friend to put my love and knowledge about the ukulele into print / kindle, but I must say it's been a great ride.

The Complete What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know
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Despite their being many 'big name' published uke books out there, many written by faceless organisations, I am delighted that my books have continued to stand their ground. The feedback I have had from readers is always the best (and I don't just mean reviews on Amazon, I mean the emails I've had, or comments from people I have met at ukulele events that they like the books. In fact one friend tells me she has a thing for buying friends ukuleles, and she gets them one of my books to go with them each time!)

Since publishing, firstly on Kindle, my first book - What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know went on to become the number one selling book on the Amazon Music book chart. In fact its delightful to see  that all of my books at some time or another are appearing in the top 100 in the music book categories. The rise in popularity of the ukulele clearly shows no bounds!

Soon after they arrived in paperback (is there anything more fun than getting your hands on a print copy of your book?) and started to appear on the other ebook sites such as KoboNook and iTunes, but I suppose it is Amazon where they get the most popularity.  Amazon are constantly drilling me to get exclusivity and I won't do that for a host of reasons. As such, my book will always be available on other ereader formats. Why? Because the reader is the one that matters, not Amazon!

So you can find them in all formats on Smashwords, and also on all of the worldwide Amazon stores including and

I hope more people continue to enjoy them, and if you have a copy, feedback is always most welcomed.

Keep strumming!

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