About Me

I'm Barry and I'm a musician, a blogger and a writer.

I've been playing the guitar for nearly thirty years now, but about five years ago (spurred on by a love of the late great George Harrisson) I purchased my first ukulele and found myself bitten by the bug.

Since then my ukulele collection has grown and I started to write the popular beginners website Got A Ukulele. That site itself started to take over my life too and I was soon encouraged to put some of my ideas and advice for new players into a book for beginners. What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know was born and it soon went on to be a bestseller on Amazon.

Three more books have since followed and I may consider some more. I don't write tutor books or theory guides - I am not a teacher. What I am though is a player who struggled with the same pitfalls many new players face and I chose to provide my advice on how to avoid them.

Enjoy and keep strumming


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